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Do you find the sales process difficult and old fashioned? Are you worried that you will come across as pushy as an old fashioned Gold Coast used car salesman? Is your sales team lacking the motivation they need to start hitting their targets?


International Sales Trainer and keynote speaker Michelle Bloom founded Time To Bloom to help Gold Coast salespeople and business owners overcome their fear of sales, and to increase their confidence, their mindset and their abilities.


You can’t lose; Time To Bloom is currently offering their half day workshop at an amazingly low price of only $49 (Includes GST). That is a huge price cut as they are valued at over $495 (Includes GST)!

Michelle is confident that once you attend her half day Gold Coast motivational workshop you will understand the importance of attending a full course, for either you or your whole team. There are no tricks and no gimmicks, and this is not an introduction. It is the actual first half-day of Michelle Bloom’s two-day training.

Don’t think of this as an expense, think of it as an investment into the success that will definitely follow!

Michelle is 100% certain that any consultant, coach, ‘solopreneur’ or entrepreneur can earn seven figures from sales, and she says she can prove it!


Just half a day with our keynote speaker, Michelle, and you will leave pages upon pages of notes and a renewed motivation to succeed! She will cover the 7 pillars of profitable persuasion:

  1. Mindset (stay motivated, why you self-sabotage)
  2. How to write a well-crafted presentation
  3. Questions are the answer! The Holy Grail
  4. Overcome resistance (there will be little if any)
  5. How to close like a boss (25 years’ experience made easy)
  6. Never cold call again
  7. Overcome your fear of sales


Come along to the Gold Coast workshop and keynote speaker, Michelle, will let you know who she is, how she got there, and why she is able to assist you and your team. She will explain how she can turn your personal and professional lives around so that you can expect a renewed vigour, an increased motivational awareness and an eventual success.

We sometimes do not understand how a basic mind-set can affect our achievements, or hold us back. Let Michelle explain the whys and wherefores’ of the right mind-set.

Allow her to take a peek at your motivation and confidence level and your skill set, and help you see the areas that need a refinement or an overhaul. You will leave knowing that you can succeed, and you will be confident that you have the right tools and the ability to use them correctly!

If you think this program could benefit you or your sales team, contact our keynote speaker and motivational guru, Michelle Bloom, today to find out more.

Let your team Bloom!

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