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When you start a new business, your filled with passion and enthusiasm. You love what you do, are excited to finally be pursuing your dreams and can’t wait to share that excitement with your new customers. Most small business owners are great at their skill-set, whether it be accounting, mechanics, engineering, floristry or personal trainers, but when it comes to selling their products or services or marketing their business, things might start to fall short.

If the thought of making a cold call has you breaking out in a sweat, or if your business just doesn’t seem to be getting you to where you had hoped to be by now, it’s time for you to call in the experts.

Michelle Bloom from Time To Bloom on the Gold Coast has been helping businesses across Australia and Overseas reach their full potential for over 25 years.

Let Michelle use her expertise to lead you on a journey of self-discovery to unlock your hidden sales and marketing ninja, gain the right mindset by removing any money or success blocks that are holding you back and help you see the forest through the trees, so that you can build the business of your dreams.

Time To Bloom offers a variety of coaching packages for both their national and international clients.

Small business marketing can be difficult to manage without years of training or a lot of help, especially in a market as competitive as the Gold Coast. If you specialize in other areas of your business and can’t seem to pinpoint where you are going wrong with marketing, Michelle can work with you to sort through where you are going wrong and what you can do to take steps forward.

Coaching and mentoring can save you thousands of dollars in wages and wasted marketing materials and sales programs. A professional business coach like Michelle from Time To Bloom could be exactly what your business needs to start taking leaps and strides ahead of your competitors.

It’s time to stop kidding yourself while doing the same thing and expecting different results. If your business isn’t growing or you can’t even seem to get your dream off the ground, asking for business advice from a professional business coach could give you the kick start you need to get yourself into gear.

Michelle Bloom has provided business mentoring and career coaching to a variety of different business owners from a variety of different industries. Although each industry is different, running a business requires the same essential skills. If you have recently been confronted with your own weaknesses in these essential skill-sets, what are you waiting for?

Time To Bloom’s packages can work around your budget, and have helped teams of 3-30 both nationally and internationally with products and services ranging from $300 (Includes GST) to $25,000 (Includes GST).

Stop sitting back hoping that your business will start to pick up on its own, or that you’ll finally find an open door hiding a great opportunity. Take control of your life, and take control of your business. It’s Time To Bloom!

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