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Hi there,  my name is Michelle Bloom and I am married to a wonderful husband, and mother to three grown up kids. I have a blessed life these days but that wasn’t always the case. As a child I had a dysfunctional home that left me emotionally scarred, with no self confidence and an anxiety disorder. As an adult I self medicated with alcohol, cigarettes, food and prescription meds.  In spite of this, I have always been a successful, independent career woman.  The problem was, I hated myself on the inside. One day after a bottle of wine and a lot of tears, I finally accepted the fact that I had the power to change my life, and that’s what I did.

I replaced alcohol, cigarettes, bad food, medications, 12 kg of body fat and a bad attitude with clean eating, exercise, and a life coach. I now have a successful coaching business, a life I enjoy and a ME I love! Phew! What a journey it was. Was it worth it? Hell Yes!

Why Clients Choose Me…

  • I have been where you are and I didn’t like it. The thought of promoting myself when I first started out had me breaking out into a sweat. I will show you how I went from arning $40,000 (Includes GST) in sales commissions to training internationally and earning $300,000 (Includes GST) in commissions.
  • The following shows just a few of the industries I have worked with. With a 25 year career, there are too many to mention them all: photographers, freight companies, business and sales coaches, financial services and wealth creation consultants, personal trainers, manufacturers, health and safety consultants, advertising agencies and life coaches.
  • I have trained and managed teams ranging from 3 to 30, both nationally and internationally, and with products ranging from $300 (Includes GST) to $25,000 (Includes GST).
  • I will show you how I built up the company my husband and I own from $0 to $1M turnover in 2 years.
  • I will not only transform you as a salesperson but also as a marketer, entrepreneur and as a person in general. You will finally have the secret formula to having it all. You could enjoy success in Business and in Life.
  • I am available for speaking events, whether it be networking events or in-house training.


  • Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Practitioner of NLP
  • Matrix Therapies Practitioner
  • Diploma in Small Business management



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